Jeanette_Haekle-032 copy


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14 thoughts on “Jeanette_Haekle-032 copy

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      Jeanette // Lutter Idyl says:

      Hi – the pattern is in my book and has not been translated yet. I hope I will get around to it by the end of this year og the start of next year :)

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    aussiebushgirl says:

    Hi Jeanette. Like everyone, I’d love to know whether you have translated the Mountaintop blanket into English yet? Please would you mind letting me know when you do? Big thanks, heather x

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      Forlaget Bøgelund says:

      Tæppet er ca. 80×90 cm – og ja selvfølgelig kan det laves i voksenstørrelse – så skal man “bare lige” sætte sig ned og regne lidt på det ;) Vh. Jeanette

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