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Baseball US

DKK 50,00 inkl. moms

Only PDF-pattern and NOT yarn! The patterne is in english US.

The pattern has a VERY thorough image guide of 28 pages and is therefore also very beginner friendly!

Also be aware of this if you print your pattern – maybe only print the first 4 pages where the pattern is.

  • Sizing:

    Small (1 strand of yarn): diameter approx. 7.6 cm (3”).

    Large (2 strands of yarn): diameter approx. 12 cm (43/4”).

  • Yarn:

    Organic Cotton (100% organic cotton) from Krea Deluxe (165 m pr. 50 g, available in 25 g and 50 g skeins).

    Small (1 strand of yarn): approx. 10 g pr. part, plus a scrap for the crochet join – total: one 25 g skein.

    Large (2 strands of yarn): approx. 20 g pr. part, plus a scrap for the crochet join – total: one 50 g skein.

  • Other:

Fiber filling.

  • Crochet Hook:

Choose a hook size that makes the piece relatively dense – adjust the hook size according to your yarn of choice and according to your normal crochet tension – be it very loose or very tight :)

Small (1 strand of yarn): 3.00 mm (US size C/2 or D/3, UK/Canada size 11).

Large (2 strands of yarn): 4.50 mm (US size 7, UK/Canada size 7).

  • Construction:

The ball consists of two identical parts joined by a crochet seam.


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